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Two Words: Sock Bra

05 Sep Posted by in Monica Palacios | Comments Off on Two Words: Sock Bra
Two Words: Sock Bra

by Monica Palacios Â©️All rights reserved

And I wasn’t even looking for bras. It all started when I was shopping for underwear—in packages. You’ll get the most for your buck if you buy panties in bulk. Sometimes these packages will offer 3 more panties for free as a bonus. And who cares if these bonus panties are for pets—they’re free!
As I was searching for my style and size—Tow Truck 2000—I saw a few signs plainly stating: Don’t open the packages, chump! But I was prepared because I brought a disguise—a nun’s outfit. Standardly when nuns are out in public, rules don’t apply to them—everyone knows this. As I was carefully and neatly opening a few packages, the sales clerk came up to me and asked: “Sister, can I help you open the packages?” What did I tell you?!

Monica Palacios

I found my two panty packs and was leaving the bulk department, when I turned and saw this mysterious section of black bras in the corner. I felt compelled to touch them and to my surprise they were super soft. I read the decorative tag revealing that the bra was made out of soft stretchy micro fabric: 95% nylon and 5% yak hair. I then brought the bra up to my cheek to feel the velvety silky plushy plush plush. I was stunned and midway through an orgasm, when I figured I should try this magical bra on. I realized it would be best to actually go into the dressing room and not disrobe in the aisle. Once inside my cubicle, I peeled off the nun ensemble and slipped into the Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless T-shirt Comfort Full Coverage Bra—that’s the actual name.

I wept openly. And it wasn’t because I was experiencing the comfort of a t-shirt against my breasts. I cried because it felt as if I was wearing warm cozy socks on my boobs. Sock bra. This experience was so profound because I have been a full figured gal all my life, and I’ve had to wear industrial strength bras with underwire that have pinched, poked, and ridiculed me. But not anymore, dammit! Not anymore! 

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