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The Future of Mankind is…Woman!

21 Mar Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on The Future of Mankind is…Woman!
The Future of Mankind is…Woman!

Think Orange is the New Black meets Pulp Fiction meets Enter the Dragon. Genesis, is a movie about the possible extinction of the male species and the promise of an all-female society. But it’s funny! And it stars Meredith Baxter. It doesn’t get much better than that — except it does. Robert Romanos, Suzanne Westenhoefer, and Dana Goldberg also star. This project gained some traction last year.

Director Audrey Evans: “We’ve completed two-thirds of this movie and have roughly ten more days until it’s entirely in the can! We all had a blast, and a rest, and now it’s time to get back to work and finish this thing. “

What better way to celebrate female-driven projects than joining this filmmaking adventure! Check out their Round 2 Indiegogo campaign and get involved with this amazing project! We did.

“Genesis is the story of the first woman to be giving birth by Parthenogenesis, the body’s ability to reproduce without fertilization or outside stimulus. The woman is abducted by the world powers — all men — who are studying her to see how they can save their species from extinction. She’s then liberated by a group of radical feminist lesbians led by Meredith Baxter’s character, and taken to their colony which is at an abandoned Jewish resort in the Catskills. I won’t go on, I don’t want to spoil the rest!” says Audrey.

“I love this project because it’s a film made by and for women, and I mean all women – all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities – not the women “Hollywood” says are “acceptable.” If we waited for them – the men who are in power in Hollywood – to give us the green light, it would never happen. That’s why we’re doing this entirely on our own, and that’s a daunting task but we’re getting it done – with the help and support of our community. We want Genesis to be the first in many lesbian-centric films that speak to our experience.”

Check out Audrey and the Genesis cast streaming episode on OUTrageous!

Audrey Evans is the writer and director of Genesis — it’s her feature film debut as director. The bulk of her experience has been in film editing — She’s spent over 25 years working on features including Thelma & Louise, The Doors, Waterworld, What Women Want, and most recently The Battle of the Sexes with Emma Stone and Steve Carell.  She cut her teeth at New Horizons Pictures, AKA, the Roger Corman School of Film, where she learned, among other things, how to make a feature film in one weekend. Her experience at New Horizons taught her how to do it fast, economically, and with style. That’s exactly how she sees Genesis, a B movie with style.

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