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New Novel from Jacob Anderson-Minshall

31 Mar Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on New Novel from Jacob Anderson-Minshall
New Novel from Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Swimming Upstream presents refreshingly multidimensional trans and intersex characters who offer fresh perspectives on human connection and the legacy of trauma through multiple generations. A welcome addition to the transgender fiction canon.
—T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures and Changers

We are excited to read Jacob’s new novel, coming soon! (we’ll keep you posted on the release date)

Swimming Upstream tells the story of complexly interwoven genealogies of family, tradition, war and nature shrouded in decades of secrecy, lies and betrayal until a private investigator shows up on Flint Douglas’s doorstep one day looking for Flint’s father Ki to donate a kidney to save a sister Flint never knew existed. But Brooke Redfish is only one secret of Ki’s past discovered by Flint that sends him reeling down a rabbit hole of unraveling mysteries and explosive secrets about his family and identity. As Flint uncovers the truth, his once dependable borders of gender, geography and kinship dissolve into the unpredictable and arbitrary waters of fate, free will and consequence, to which he must adapt like a shape-shifting salmon or risk drowning in a lineage of trauma.

In this sweeping saga about family, secrets, and the many versions of truth, Jacob Anderson-Minshall delicately traces the scars left by trauma and the stories that alternately come between and heal the survivors.
—Thea Hillman, author of Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word) and Depending on the Light

Swimming Upstream will quickly sweep you into an intense world of emotion and revelation as the characters grapple with the strength and immutability of family bonds, both chosen and biological, and the ambiguity of gender roles and even—biological sex. Hidden layers unravel as secrets uncoil in the lives of characters connected by choice, discovery, and always—stubborn, steadfast love. This story travels from San Francisco and Marin, to Iraq, to Germany and to Idaho. It narrates complexity from environmental activism, pow wows, and the Iraq war, to the wily cunning of trickster Coyote and the persistence of salmon. A truly new, honest and adventurous voice in emerging trans fiction.
—Max Wolf Valerio, author of The Testosterone Files and The Criminal

Jacob Anderson-Minshall grew up on the banks of Idaho’s Portnuef River in the ancestral land of the Shoshoni Indians, where much of his new novel, Swimming Upstream is set. A queer-identified transgender man, Anderson-Minshall is the coauthor of the award-winning memoir, Queerly Beloved: A Love Story Across Genders, about how he and his co-conspirator Diane survived the transition from lesbian couple to man and wife. The also coauthored the Blind Eye Detectives mysteries. Swimming Upstream is his first literary novel.


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