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Lesbian Game Changers & Coming Out Day!

11 Oct Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Lesbian Game Changers & Coming Out Day!
Lesbian Game Changers & Coming Out Day!

In honor of National Coming Out Day, I want to share with you my upcoming book project entitled  Game Changers – Twenty Lesbians You Should Know About, which features women over 50 who came out early in their lives and made significant contributions to LGBTQ Culture. It’s a richly designed collection of biographies and defining moments, colorful illustrated timelines and major accomplishments of twenty fascinating American lesbians.

gamechangers_cover-smWhy Now?
Recently, the California State Board of Education voted to implement the FAIR Act, a 2011 law signed by Governor Jerry Brown that mandates including LGBT history and social studies in public school curriculums.  Students will learn about gay heroes like Harvey Milk, and rightly so, but I want to make sure there are plenty of resources out there that talk about the lesbians who made a difference in our world, many of them women of color. That’s how I came up with the idea for my book: The women I’ve included are still alive and relevant, each has an interesting story that needs to be shared with the next generation.

Who will it affect?
Game Changers is a not only a resource for LGBTQ education, but it’s a great book for anybody. I believe this is a timely project. The LGBTQ youth of today need to know who their female heroes are, and on whose backs their new found freedom is based upon. Older lesbians can feel proud about the work we did to make these significant changes in history. Children and young adult students will need a diverse library of resource materials for the new curriculum.


Who is in it?
Game Changers will feature a diverse cross-section of women who contributed to lesbian culture. Kate Kendell, Franco Stevens, Mariah Hansen, Jewelle Gomez, Page Hodel, Monica Palacios, Cheryl Dunye, Toni Armstrong, Jenni Olson, Marga Gomez, Zoe Dunning, Judy Dlugatz and Terry Wolverton— just to name a few.


Please stay tuned for our Indiegogo campaign coming out in Mid-November!

Where will the money go?
The money will be used for copy editing and printing an initial run of 500 – 1000 books depending on funds raised. Books will be given to donors, schools and libraries. They will also be sold on the Epochalips website. If we can turn a profit, 50% will distributed evenly between four deserving LGBTQ organizations: Our Family Coalition, which supports equity for families and children, SAGE Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders, The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and Horizons Foundation.

And on a lighter note about Coming out Day – here are a few words from one of our featured Lesbian Game Changers Monica Palacios: “Happy National Coming Out Day! We’ll be putting up the tree and exchanging gifts. Then we’ll gather in the town square and dance to all songs by Sylvester.”

Find out more and stay in the loop by joining our Facebook fan page here.

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