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Sarah Smith’s ‘Into the Light’ Video a Smash Hit

13 Jan Posted by in Robin Lowey | 1 comment
Sarah Smith’s ‘Into the Light’ Video a Smash Hit

Canadian Sarah Smith is somewhat speechless and emotional after watching the first edit of her new music video in December.

“Wow, I’m blown away.” She says to local director Stacy Poulos ( Video Film Multimedia) over Skype. “That’s amazing — I’m kinda freaking out! I like how it all came together so beautifully. Your vision is matching my vision and it’s really emotional. It’s really good. It made me cry. I’m so blessed and so grateful. I’ve been performing this song for two years and to see it turn out visually like this is beyond my wildest dreams.”

When I caught up with Stacy and Sarah this week I asked them both to tell Epochalips about what it was like working together.

SS:I really enjoyed working with Stacy because she attempts to capture the story behind the song and in doing so, can put a visual to something that came from thin air (music). I love her creativity, her positive energy, her artistic talent, her ability behind the camera — and I love how she expresses my art and helps it come to life. I just let her boss me around. She puts me in positions and I sing! I think a lot of people will really enjoy this video.”

BestSarahSP: “I love working with Sarah because she trusts me and the process. It’s an intimidating, riveting performance. I love Sarah’s can do, will do attitude. I tell her ‘ok we’re gonna have you run up this hill (in the freezing cold) and toss a sledge hammer off into the sunset. But first spin around 3 times.’ She adjusts her jacket, shakes off the frostbite and says ‘OK lets do this’. I don’t know how other producers do it, I know I gotta love the project. I love filmmaking! Especially love music videos. There is a real opportunity to be creative. I don’t have to be literal, I can be abstract. The mood has been set by the tone of musician. We are both conduits of human experiences through different mediums of art, and when they are put together it’s magical. All the locations were chosen to represent how she felt on the inside. In the tunnel she looks back at the relationship in the dark, like many do before we move forward.—Into the light—As crazy as all that sounds it actually worked. I pulled in some other local talent Sujoy Sarkar, Chabot College (Hayward) to help shoot the green screen and Stephen Krail (Castro Valley) to shoot aerial drone footage to get a sense of grandeur and nature for the end. All shot in basically 8 hours, then off to Canada she went.

Then it was 12 and 16 hour days editing it. I mostly work out of Bodi’s Java 3803 E Castro Valley Blvd. I have a gallery of photography on the walls from my travels around the world you can see any day. I took Sarah to Bodi’s to defrost her between locations with the best cup of Joe before I made her run through a scary dark tunnel, which she was happy to do. She must think I’m crazy!

Check out the video and please share it! I would love to see Sarah go big. She has tours coming up this year in the USA, Germany, and Canada. She has all the makings of a rock star. She is an Independent Artist and she’s bad ass. Get her CDs “Stronger Now” & “The Journey”. I’ve made 2 music videos for her [Into The Light & The Stars]. Independents need your support to help take that next step. I want to sit and relax at some big fat concert she is headlining. She deserves it. Rock on.”


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One comment