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Top 10 Lesbian/Queer Owned Businesses Gift Guide

08 Dec Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Top 10 Lesbian/Queer Owned Businesses Gift Guide
Top 10 Lesbian/Queer Owned Businesses Gift Guide

Do the right thing! Buy gifts from our queer and lesbian sisters. Here are EPOCHALIPS TOP TEN PICKS of lesbian and queer owned businesses where you can find that special gift online for your pals and lovers!

If you are looking for the ultimate escape with your partner or best friend, look no further than Olivia Travel,  THE travel company for lesbians. Olivia takes women on all different types of vacations around the world from cruises and luxury cruises, to resorts, riverboats, and even adventures.


We’ll send signed books anywhere in the US!









Check out the new, improved award-winning edition of  GAME CHANGERS- LESBIANS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT! Order a signed copy or two for a holiday gift or for your own coffee table. The best part? Proceeds from your purchase help fund a short-film series for high school students to learn more about game changing lesbians! This gorgeous, colorful, 144 page large-format book features extraordinary lesbians including Kate Kendell, Marga Gomez, Page Hodel, Jewelle Gomez, Franco Stevens, Mariah Hanson and many more! Order by Dec 15th for delivery by Christmas. Use this code 16Q3ZSU for a special Epochalips loyalty discount!

The mustache face mask $15

Fluide is a mission-driven beauty brand that creates vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. They believe that makeup is joyful and fun as well as powerful and transformative” and nobody should be left out.

Through providing a platform and amplifying the voices of queer and gender expansive identities and through showcasing queer beauty, they hope to inspire others to create their identities on their own terms, opening up possibilities for everyone’s self-expression.

This years favorite from Fluide is the Mustache mask!


Dr. Glenda Corwin, PhD is a clinical psychologist specializing in lesbian sexual issues. What could be a better gift for your lover than reclaiming your sexuality by scheduling an online sexual enrichment session for lesbian couples with our favorite lesbian sex expert?




Queer owned and located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Domestic Domestic is a collaboration of sorts. They are the matchmakers connecting conscientious consumers with ethical companies. The product selection is rigorous. They bring to you fine products with attention to quality, function and design. Nothing is added without reason. The objects are curated to tell a story and have a history. They’re potential heirlooms, unique in type, simply determined to be the best damn stuff on the market. It all works in harmony. Well made objects made by people who live their dreams and whose passion for their craft is undeniable in everything they do. We love these stocking stuffers: CatLady Old Maid and the RGB Magnet!

The Everyday Robe $250

Minna is a tight-knit team of seven artists, creators, and thinkers based in Hudson, NY. They are a queer woman owned and believe in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good. MINNA was founded by Sara Berks in 2013 in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Hudson, NY in 2016, where the storefront and studio are now located. Working collaboratively with master artisans in Central and South America ensures craft preservation and job creation in these regions. The patterns, colors, and textures are meant to be mixed, matched, and layered for today’s modern home. Designs are informed and inspired by Feminist art, the Bauhaus, traditional craft, and vintage textiles. Our favorite this year is The Everyday Robe. Gender neutral robes that match your bedding. They took our four classic bedding styles and gave them sleeves and ties. Created for anyone and everyone. An oversized, loose-fitting robe with adjustable sash. One size fits most. 100% cotton, handwoven in Chiapas, Mexico.









Take a journey of a lifetime to Africa with Jody Cole of  Wild Rainbow African Safaris!  Many people dream of visiting Africa during their lifetime, but few truly experience the magnificent wonders of this continent. Jody Cole is the owner of Wild Rainbow African Safaris, and her sole purpose is to share her love of Africa with you through her safaris. Check out the Sober women’s Wild and Free Safaris July 2021 and 2022.   “We dive headfirst into Kruger’s most pristine and unadulterated area called the Makuleke Contract Park. We’ll walk, drive and explore the setting at our own pace, from our private wilderness camp. It is here that we sink, full body, full mind and full spirit into our inner wilderness to witness nature as it should be. You simply must come prepared to say Yes when you didn’t think you would, to walk ancient pathways that have been carved by wild game for centuries and to put your senses in high gear for this very tactile, exploratory and deepening experience some call a vacation Africans call it Safari.


The BumpHer $35

Wet For Her was originally created by lesbians for lesbians, but their mission and their toys don’t discriminate! Whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, or queer; cis, trans, or nonbinary; they’ve got you covered! This year’s pick is “The BumpHer”‘  a soft and supple silicone cover designed to be worn at the base of a dildo. Not only does it provide extra padding, but it also features curves that contour the clitoris providing sensual stimulation to the wearer during strap-on sex.


Frida Camera Strap $40

Fantastic custom bowties and now accessories for every occasion. There are great reasons to buy from Immigreat Designs. Adriana Santos, the designer of Immigreat Designs says: ‘I make bow ties. My father gifted me an old sewing machine a few years ago and I started experimenting and soon developed a passion for sewing bow ties. My bow ties have helped pay my lawyer fees as I applied for a U-Visa in 2013, after being robbed at gunpoint in Oakland. That experience shifted a lot for me emotionally, it built up my courage and drove me to apply for college.’ Custom orders are available! We love the Frida Camera Strap! Email Adriana at

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