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Finding Comfort in the Covid-19 Crisis

07 Apr Posted by in Jody Cole | Comments Off on Finding Comfort in the Covid-19 Crisis
Finding Comfort in the Covid-19 Crisis

My job as a safari guide in Africa allows me to take women (and men) on journeys to the great wilderness of the African Bush. Where it all began. A place of alluring and ancient mystery, a place of extraordinary adventures for the brave at heart. Africa’s wilderness with the huge beasts and invisible scaries, unfamiliar sounds and unpredictable movements is frightening but tempting. I’ve noticed over the years that going to Africa can be daunting to many of my guests, it was for me once upon a time. Still my guests are drawn to experience it. Ignoring the lingering questions, they come with me anyway, only to return home different, more introspective and undeterred.

This is exactly how I think many of us feel about being alone. It’s scary territory. Yet once we are there, we find incredible beauty and comfort in solitude. It’s a wilderness terrifying to explore and yet it is here we discover many lost dreams and boundless hopes. They are waiting to be scooped up and experienced. Nature and Solitude are infinitely connected. They are where our greatest strength is born.

I invite you to go into your wilderness. Listen… she is waiting for you. You are welcome there. Take a slow deep breath and step off the curb. I’ll meet you there. We will emerge as we are truly meant to be.

I wish all of you good health, stress free days and unimagined joy,


Wild Rainbow Safaris


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