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Gratitude and Movies

23 Dec Posted by in Jewelle Gomez | Comments Off on Gratitude and Movies
Gratitude and Movies

Oh no, it’s one of those end of the year letters that people send because they think their friends are interested in what award they got or how many National Parks they’ve visited; or how many cats they have! (Two, 25 pounds each)

And you feel like you have to read them because what kind of friend just tosses them into recycling? Uh…

I’ll try to make this as non-annoying as possible. Gratitude is the word of the day so I won’t complain too much about the Zombies that have taken over our government. We all know who they are and are terrified of what they’ll do next to dismantle the Constitution. I’d rather say how grateful I am for the people who are protesting, lobbying, contributing in ways to counteract the horrors.

I really hate that hotels—no matter how cheap or how fancy—never have enough hooks for towels! But that’s what’s now called a ‘first world problem’ so I won’t whine about that.

Ooops right…this was meant to be about gratitude. I’m grateful I get to stay in hotels even if my towels remain damp. I had a huge amount of professional and personal good fortune this year but it feels kind of tasteless to talk about it while there are still children alone somewhere in a barracks separated from their parents by our government. (One dead that we know about.) But those who contributed to my good fortune know who you are and that I’m grateful to you.

I’m grateful to have extremely warm neighbors who really care about us and who’re raising thoughtful, kind children. It could be really hell to have hateful people living 20 feet away!

I’m grateful to the Notorious RBG! Ruth Bader Ginsberg who continues to fight the good fight on the Supreme Court and now struggles with her health. At her age every day is a gift and she keeps giving her gift to us.

I’m grateful to my spouse, Diane, she navigates amazing social/political waters every day then apologises for being exhausted when she comes home. Still she never forgets any of our five anniversaries or to tell me I look great or how wonderful a meal is I’ve cooked!

I’m grateful for the friends who stick by me even when I don’t answer emails for weeks or manage to make it to their parties or read their books.

I’m even grateful for my half-brother who is, I fear, a supporter of #45 (it’s a long story) but who adores me and Diane, providing proof that we shouldn’t totally dismiss that entire basket of deplorables.

I’m grateful to Planned Parenthood which keeps pushing to provide women with health care and safe abortions.

I’m grateful to youth who take to the streets to make their voices heard about police violence; gun violence; poverty; voting and women’s rights. I hope they understand it’s a lifelong struggle.

Gratitude is such a healthy emotion I’m feeling better just writing these things down…so I go into the New Year with…uh…a bemused smile rather than a grimace. Next time you want to scream or cry—give yourself 5 minutes only—then figure out what you have to be grateful for; no matter how tiny it’ll feel good.

Maybe I should just do a favourite movie list like the newspaper folks do and let the philosophizing go: “ “Black Panther;” “Notorious RBG” “Blindspotting;” “Can You Ever Forgive Me.” Okay that’s done! See you in 2019.


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