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New Lesbian Literature: Kiss Me Again, Paris

25 Feb Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on New Lesbian Literature: Kiss Me Again, Paris
New Lesbian Literature: Kiss Me Again, Paris

Epochalips regular writer Renate Stendhal is releasing a new book this summer!  Stay tuned for a sexy, exclusive excerpt, right here, coming soon!- Ed

There are a number of honeymoons when you are preparing to send a new book into the world. The first is grandiose: when you get the idea of writing your book, you are in a state of total turn-on, ready to run off into the sunset. The second is carefully optimistic: when you are done with your manuscript, when you print out the final page and say to yourself: “Good. That’s it.” But is it?

The next eight or nine honeymoons are when you go over your text again and come to the same last page again because…it wasn’t good. Not yet. So you go back to courting your idea, giving it even more loving attention, coaxing out the YES, I DO… A lot still needs to be done before it’s done, and you do it and then you are done. Done-done. No more fiddling and fussing. Wedding bells… any time soon?!

The 13th honeymoon is when you are going to the book designer because someone wants to publish your book. This 13th honeymoon is the best one, the hottest sexcapade, because everything is still unreal. No irreversible and embarrassing act has been committed (yet.) This keeps your anxieties in check (somewhat), and you feel inspired to dare imagine your wedding party and your guests: your much loved, much desired READERS.

The LGTBQ sisters, the lesbians. The would-be-lesbians, soon-to-be-lesbians, once-upon-a-time lesbians, both-and-lesbians, onetime-only lesbians, once-and-forever lesbians, never-enough lesbians…

You spend your waiting time (months of waiting) imagining how they will see and experience your story: Will they like it? Will anyone? It’s about Paris, it’s the memory of youth (sweet bird of youth) and sexual follies, obsessions, romance. It’s about an escape from being a Good Girl from Germany. Girl gone free.

And there’s a background: famous cafés and notorious nightclubs, gossip-rich salons and wild private parties. There’s a love for culture— art, opera, ballet, books—of all things French, not German. And most of all, of course, a passion for Parisian women. Women who dared to think and be sexual at the same time. At a time— the end of the seventies—when Paris was in the grip of an erotic madness that drove every woman, gay or straight, to falling in love with women…

What will happen after this last honeymoon? For several more months, until June, I will be holding my breath.

The book is being serialized in Scene4 Magazine if you’d like to see more!

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