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Jennifer Corday’s Sexy Lesbian ‘Heartbeat’

10 Jan Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Jennifer Corday’s Sexy Lesbian ‘Heartbeat’
Jennifer Corday’s Sexy Lesbian ‘Heartbeat’

Jennifer Corday’s new music video, Heartbeat, pulls you in to the addiction of a toxic love affair. It’s a compelling journey through heartbreak and heartache, passionately portraying the desire to stay forever despite the pain the relationship inherently brings. Featuring Corday with actress L.E. Wallace, band members Damien Smith on guitar, Keith Larsen on drums, and Sean Emch on bass, the video takes you through tunnels of tasty rock n roll rifs, offset with memories of passionate love-making. It’s a dark almost drug-induced passion that has Corday begging for more, despite the repressed knowledge that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We asked Jennifer to give Epochalips an exclusive rant about her new song and video.

“I wrote Heartbeat while I was in my last relationship—our breakup is still very fresh in fact.  I thought she was the one, the love of my life. I was completely all-in. But it was also one of the most painful relationships of my life.  Lots of break-ups and make-ups. It was a constant push-pull. I knew it wasn’t a healthy relationship, but it’s so hard to be rational when you have a love that intense. It was almost like a drug, so the lyrics of the song speak to the addiction.  Staying in is easier than letting go.

I am gearing up to release a new 4-song EP, and I knew I wanted to release “Heartbeat” first, as the title track.  It’s such a hot sexy song, and the production is incredible.  I wrote the song at my home studio and recorded my guitar and vocals there, and then finished the final mix in Burbank with my producer Matt Thorne, who is awesome!

heartcover-final1600x1600I met director Michelle Ehlen (Heterosexual Jane) at the Q Fest in Long Beach and expressed my interest in making a music video and we totally hit it off!  She introduced me to DP Lisa Tom who joined the team and we worked together to come up with a concept.  Michelle suggested we do a full-blown love-making scene in the video.  I was pretty nervous about it— I had never been on camera fully nude or done anything like that before! But I trusted Michelle would make sure we kept it classy and the lighting would be right! I bought some pasties and got a spray tan!

I didn’t know who to cast for my love interest, and was still wrapped up with feelings for my ex. She was, after all, the inspiration for the song. We discussed the possibility, but both decided it wasn’t the right thing to do if we were to try and move on. When a friend referred me to actress L.E. Wallace, I knew she would be great. We texted and e-mailed but didn’t meet til the day of the shoot!

She was great to work with, totally professional, not to mention gorgeous.

The video just came out January 1st and the single is now available on iTunes.




5755 Pacific Cst. Hwy. in Long Beach

Don’t miss the video release party, with a special showing of Heartbeat and stories from cast and crew!  Live show from Corday 8pm-11pm

HEARTBEAT by Jennifer Corday

Directed by Michelle Ehlen

Director of Photography Lisa Tom

Crew: Michele Amrhein, Kathryn Forrest, Ali M.

Music Produced by Jennifer Corday and Matt Thorne

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Thorne

Guitar & Vocals: Jennifer Corday

Lead Guitar: Don E. Sachs

Drums: Keith Larsen

Bass & Keys: Matt Thorne

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