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What Makes a Woman Sexy?

22 Aug Posted by in Wallis Stern | 10 comments
What Makes a Woman Sexy?

It is the burning question on every burning lip nowadays. These are the results of an exhaustive survey. Serious students may wish to take notes.

What makes a woman sexy:

It is a matter of taste, spread out like a picnic;

it unravels in stages like a blossoming open;

it is all full moon and dazzle; it is a subtle implosion;

it is water soluble like you and like me;

it is a sudden sound of throaty laughter;

it is requited self-love; it is the softest impeachment;

it is inlaid and comely, abundant, botanical;

it is a slippery bridge over slippery ground;

it is all the suggestive drama of a four poster bed;

it is soft and it is swell; it rises and falls like a curtain;

it knits out from the center like an afghan rug;

it is butch and/or femme; it is persona most grata;

it is rhythmic sculpture; it is the best piece of the rock;

it is the fruit of the tree and the loin and the loom;

it is warm iron to the soul and back of the tongue;

it is give and it is also take; it is dynamic tension;

it breaks every rule and every exception;

it is sauce picante and it spreads like contagion;

it is energy and humor and a raging libida;

it is an estrogen high with a progesterone chaser;

it is free delivery from evil; it is femme fatale attraction;

it is a mistletoe belt and it’s not even Christmas;

it is every major sign on each major highway,

Soft Shoulders, and Yield, and Slippery When Wet;

it is the grand prize behind the curtain; it is the daily double;

it is the secret “woid;” it is the $64,000 question;

it is the exact price of each item randomly selected;

it is sweet serendipity; it is the cast of the dye;

it is each delicate hue, alabaster to cocoa;

it shoots straight from the hip; it is the closest horizon;

it is under the covers;  it is holy of holies;

it is the birthplace of angels; it is kneeling devotion;

it is an attitude of prayer; it is an alternative bible;

it is a song of Sirens; it is a loud rumble of thunder;

it is a flourish of strumpets and a crashing of waves;

it is spontaneous combustion and a movement like dancing;

it is whatever makes you scream, always when you least expect it;

it is equal measures of surprise and surrender;

it is politically irreverent but anatomically correct;

it is all parts of the whole and vice versa, and so

it is an oxymoronic metonymy

(at least just think about it?)

It is every region of delights;

it is a scent like a bearing of fruit;

it is that sweet deja-voodoo that you do

all over again.

Also this: it is personal power, which is remarkably sexy.

It takes years for women to learn about power.

Women with power are direct, never devious;

they are able directly to get

what they want.

To sum:  what makes a woman sexy? It is in the eye of the beholder, as the sages inform and the poets will agree, adding that it is a snatch of grace well beyond the reach of artifice, although that may just be poetic licentiousness. What makes a woman sexy is what she knows and will tell you but sometimes it is just a wild inarticulate longing. It is the look of her face flushed with the wind and every phase of the moon in the slate of her brow. It is the full gorgeous length of her down on her knees.   It is the deliberate quick bonny cut of her nails,  the plenitude of warm flesh bunching under your hands.  It is the deep look of her eyes gently smiling, those fine timeworn grooves at the edges where the lashes meet. It is a mixture of slightly militant, slightly vulnerable charm. It is the way she makes up her mind, the way she unravels and comes together again. It is what she gives to herself because she knows she deserves it and it is what she is willing to share without fear of depletion. It is the courage of her conviction, because sexy is as sexy does.

What makes a woman sexy? It is not a simple question to answer. It is a difficult thing to define. It is like trying to trace the shape of the wind through the trees. Look down: the answer is stuck in the cracks of the pavement. Look up: the answer is stuck in the velvet throat of the night. Aim and shoot the question up to the sky like a quizzical arrow. It always drifts down a different answer like disparate feathers, kind of like falling leaves, kind of like snowflakes.

What makes a woman sexy? Here is our final conclusion: whatever it is, it is a most excellent thing.


Ed. Note: This post first appeared in Epochalips in July of 2012. Quite worthy of a do-over. 🙂

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  • Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful flurry of words. Your visuals are always top tier and beautiful. Loved it…and I agree that what makes a woman sexy is everything and anything. It is the most excellent thing, as well.

  • Phyllis says:

    This can be said about any woman and it is something we can all think about.

  • Doreen Merriman says:

    Wallis is one of and possibly my most favourite poets of today. This poem demonstrates her skilful play with words. An attempt to define what makes a woman sexy would defeat most of us because it is such a fluid emotion in the eyes of the person enthralled. Wallis does so well to list so much without losing the attention of the reader.

  • Brenda Horton says:

    So delicately presented. Bravo!

  • Steven Howard says:

    This was one of the most brilliant, heartfelt, insightful, perceptive exhibitions of thoughtful intense interpretive writings I have had the pleasure of reading, over and over again.
    Thank You Wallis Stern,
    Will be faithful & devoted follower of yours for now on. Looking forward to more razor-sharp incisive writings.
    Thank You
    Steven Howard

  • Nancy McAvoy says:

    I am so glad to see you back, Wallis. It’s been far too long. “Grace’ is a key word here. It never intimated that I choose one word but I did, and the word ‘Grace’ is for you, my dear Wallis, missed you.

  • Tina says:

    Wallis! You are THEE MOST AMAZING woman I KNOW! I love you FOREVER, and THEN some! Keep Keepin’ on my Sister! <3

  • Reggie says:

    Dear Wallis Stern, this is a favourite of mine & I never tire from reading it. Your such a genius cunning linguist there’s a new facet & insight w/perfect metre. The wife may well make me redundant for writing this but I daresay a portion of what makes a woman sexy is yourself!

  • Deb says:

    All I can say is wow! I usually have no lack of words, but this poet takes them all away from me and leaves me breathless! Encore!!!

  • DaddiK says:

    This piece covers the road of life’s moments, in picture perfect snapshots we all have in our minds. When we see something conveyed so beautifully time freezes for a moment, and we are offered a small sip of the elixir of life, to ponder for a moment in peaceful respite.