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New Poetry by Wallis Stern ‘raptor’

31 Aug Posted by in Wallis Stern | 19 comments
New Poetry by Wallis Stern ‘raptor’

brutally, I will miss it
our innocent bloodletting
your busy handsome fingers
casually blasé but playing
heated games of yes and no
whispering I want you

take me against the wall
take me with a secret gesture
take me speeding on the freeway
take me teasing talking dirty
take me bathed in sweetness
take me back to gentle

wantonly, I will want it
your warm copper penny taste
tripping to the back of my tongue
that fond carnal sniff leavening for
hours, our own region
of love’s delights

take me in the backseat
take me wearing a blindfold
take me bent over the window
take me in sweaty leather
take me and bite my neck
take me slaking your thirst

longing, I will long for it
the way you float me above my body
transcending the merely beautiful
into the exquisite convulsive sublime
the night a still lone witness
tethered safely to our trust

take me past this dull roar of pain
take me dreaming of your warmth
take me sleeping over easy
take me sailing into safe harbour
take me in the circle of your iron arms
take me taking you back home again

breaking, I will be broken
when you leave I cannot follow
still I would vault the weeping heavens
pounding down the rusted gates of mercy
pleading for a longer season
or lie beside you in a grave for two

now that it can kill us
all you lovelies, all my sisters
imagine this:
that the last time
we made love, each one of us
it really was.

© 2014 Wallis Stern

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  • sonya williams says:

    Beautifully written and very soulful

  • Phyllis Taylor says:

    Ms. Stern, your writing is scintillating and sexy but simultaneously heartbreaking. You are a poet par excellence. I applaud you for your brilliant writing.

  • Doreen Merrimanl says:

    Wallis you leave me breathless. Yet again I am left with admiration of your play with words which ‘take me’ again.

  • Reggie says:

    Ace! What a blinding genius sexy poem & gutting ending. I don’t know he she does it & gormless but the love child Wallis Steen is back in tip top form. Thank you Ms Robin Lowey for showcasing such astonishing talent & welcome back to welcome to EPOCHALIPS Ms Wallis Stern, my favourite poet. Bravo!

  • crs says:

    Wallis has an ability to paint emotions and images
    and moments and photographs with her supreme gift as a
    poet. Her poetry is overflowing with feelings.
    Every time I read Raptor – it leaves me breathless.

  • CatlinAnne says:

    Holy smokes! This is totally smokin hot. If this is how another lesbian writes count me in. Awesome!

  • Tina says:

    Absolutely simply, THEE BEST and AMAZING! You are a BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED woman! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Keep keepin’ on my Sista! :-*

  • CB says:

    Beauty..sheer beauty

  • Deb says:

    Such a beautiful piece. I love your writing. You bring feelings to my heart and tears to my eyes.

  • Such power behind the words. says:

    Such power behind your words…and with such eloquence

  • DaddiK says:

    Beautiful Wallis Stern. Your words so eloquently translate our youthful energetic prowess of loves gained, lost, and tossed about in the search of our own true song. So reflective of how all people search for meaningful relationships, the highs, the valleys, and the lowlands of loves gained and lost.

  • Carrie says:

    Brilliant words, they leave a strong image on the brain. Visceral. Keep these coming!

  • Kittyn says:

    This is exquisite.

  • Nancy McAvoy says:

    I commented on this poem when it was first published, but my comment was not printed, but I would truly like to be heard. I am a former English Instructor and College Librarian. I appreciate the written word and so look forward to finding well-written material, especially in the genre of lesbian poetry. Wallis Stern’s “Raptor” is achingly beautiful in its roller coaster of desire and yearning. As many times as I read it, I never tire of being swept away by the power of its rhythm and beat. It appears others share my appreciation. I hope we can hope to see more poetry by Ms. Stern in the future. She is one of you best writers.

  • liz dreams says:

    This is the best poem in the entire book. I was speechless when I first read it and I feel the same each time. Wallis you are the best and don’t ever forget that!

  • liz dreams says:

    Again I must say how moving your words swirl around in my head. I re-read the poem over and over again and each time it is like so new and special to me. Wallis- you are incredible. I hope to read more work from you asap!

  • John Maddox says:


  • DykesRUs says:

    This is a cutting edge sexy but tragic poem written eloquent by a genius. I hate to think how old this make me but I remember Wallis Stern when she was just a kid and giving lectures and poetry readings in New Haven and Cambridge. She was already a shining already and we were in awe of her. She’s only gotten better with age as she’s matured. Her every poem deserves to be included in the literary canons as one of the finest writers of our age.

  • Steven Howard says:

    Brilliant, absolutely riveting