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Battle-axe Wisdom: Finding a Comfortable Bra

Battle-axe Wisdom: Finding a Comfortable Bra

Dear Battle-axe,
As I age, I can’t seem to find a comfortable bra. Nothing seems to fit right. What do you recommend?

Dear ‘Nothing Seems to Fit Right’, I have a feeling you are talking about “back fat”. Back fat can sometimes become as big as your boobs! Have you tried wearing two bras, front and back? Sounds like you need some extra support keeping those gals in.

Dear Battle-axe,
Now that I am in my mid 60’s, on Medicare, I feel so old sometimes… How would you classify someone as old?

Dear ‘Wondering If I’m Old’,
I’d say you are starting to get old if you:
Drink your martinis out of a sippy cup

Carry your partial denture in the side panel of your car

Constantly get messages from Life Alert

All of the above.

Dear Battle-axe, I’m not one to go to bars, so where can I find older mature women to date and just hang out with, any suggestions?

Dear ‘Looking for Older Babes’, I would recommend going to Medicare Workshops, Estate Planning Classes, hanging out at the Social Security Office…don’t forget the defibrillator!

In my 66 years I have learned many things and have some good old-fashioned common sense. Send your questions to

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One comment

  • Hilarious! What a hoot to get a BATTLE AXE to cut through the “usual suspects” of questions — like, aging, dating and bra-fitting — and come up with a brilliant, absurd answer that cracks one up. I can’t wait for more!