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Get Wet with Wallis Stern in ‘Deep Water Flesh’

09 Oct Posted by in Wallis Stern | 13 comments
Get Wet with Wallis Stern in ‘Deep Water Flesh’


When the Love Childe Wallis Stern opens her mind she opens her heart like she opens a book. And so should we all. To wit and as follows:

The Tall Girl Nell kicks off a stiletto heel, dangles a long delicate foot in the water, and s/he says:

I have a recurrent dream. I am an adult, I am a child.
I walk myself hand over hand to a breakwater edge.

I look out, I see storm clouds. I look down, I see foam rising,
I shout NO! I shout YES! and then I am falling.
I awake swimming. I do not know what it means.

I don’t know a lot about dreams but I know a lot about waking and sleeping.
I don’t know a lot about dreaming but I know that I need to.
I’ve already dreamed you a long time, a bright multicolored waistcoat
streaming in the wind like a native fetish, so many tiny excellent threads turning.

I don’t know Eros from Agape, I don’t split body from mind.
I never put Descartes before Des Horse whatever its different color!
I don’t know a lot about dreams but I know a lot about waking and sleeping and water.

I dream the word made liquid made flesh, a cuneiform splatter, its babble, its
gurgle, its hydraulic laughter. I dream the mouth of the fountain, its aquarian
ripple, the way it comes down in sheets and swells up like a hydrant. O me, O my
thirsty soul! I get lost in the tub, I let loose every anchor. I rock the boat, I know, I
push the river sometimes even though it’s already flowing. When I sleep I dream
such a vertiginous basis, such a soft wet harbor, such a singsong whirlstream,
such a digitate jetstream. When I sleep I dream I swish inward and outward.
When I dream I draw milk from love’s liquid body, I stretch salt water taffy, I
dream inlet and outlet and uplet and downlet and go down and dive deep into
strangely familiar amniotic arms, slippery fingers and all.

In loving dedication to my favorite birthday girl, ma seul histoire d’amour, but so far away from home. Je t’aime tellement toujours, xVotre W

© 2011-2012 Wallis Stern, excerpted from THE LOVE CHILDE WALLIS STERN

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  • TorontoKate says:

    dive deep into this water, this dream, this poem. love it!

  • Lady Sharona says:

    a beautiful poem – makes me want to slide back into bed and get caught up in her dream.



  • Lil says:

    A gem….you gather us unto you in a warm, wet symbiotic dream. womb surfing at it’s best

  • Hellen says:

    Such hot stuff, Ms Wallis, but you’ve been real hot stuff for years an we already knowit. But as this is such hot WET Stuff I put on me rubbers and scuba gear all ready. And I totally get this now, what your upto, my Fair Lady poetess, its geniussexy teasing without porno and i’m the least to deny it that you do work it but Gad, so like a coy vixen hiFem heh! So I salute you an say pleased to swim with you any time Maam, just let us know when where and maybe You’ll remember who I am then finally an I prove it meself how way deep a dyke the likes of I can dive. I was aiming to write you an intellectual comment but cant, Ms Wallis. Think its cause you allready used up all the bloody words…heh.

  • Clea Poetnoise King says:

    What a marvelous sensual and sexy ride! Stern’s language is poetic and edgy. She is brilliant with her passionate wordplay juxtaposed against her cerebral acrobatic humor. “Deep Water Flesh” is warm like summer rain, a scorching fire, this one charms, and gives off earthy pulsations. Stern is delightfully naughty “slippery fingers and all”. I can’t wait to read more!

  • Shirley A. Coleman says:

    Wallis Stern is sublime! Folks, “Deep Water Flesh” is written in iambic pentameter. This is beautiful and simple in its complexity. She gives the reader a prose poetic feast, a lovefest of sexy nuanced pleasures, “such a soft wet harbor, such a singsong whirlstream, such a digitate jetstream” oh my! Stern will make swimmers of us all.

  • ReggieWardq says:

    What an absolutely delightful prose poem this author, Wallis Stern, has created!

  • Reggie says:

    Please pardon my computer error? I meant to expound but my commentary sent itself off prematurely of its own accord. I should like to add merely, though there is nothing “mere” about it at all, that Wallis Stern’s singularly adept play with language and imagistic layering is altogether stunning and inventive. How very cheeky of her but she’s created a highly literate “brave new world” in which philosophy and erotica meet but rather than clashing actually romp off together, melding before one’s own startled eyes! What great fun for the reader indeed, and for the author, as well, I dare say! She seems to beckon one playfully, or at least that is how I interpret it, into her private sand box and enjoy a hearty laugh. I do not wish to resist! I am thoroughly engaged in the liquid well of her lexicon now that I’ve taken a dip. Can I be the only one noticing such rare genius at work here and also at play?

  • SNW says:

    This is a deeply moving exploration into the complex “I” and the awakening and awareness of the self.

  • Hellen says:

    Wanna dive into you ocean if its raining with you! (Annie Lenox song)

  • Kat MacLean says:

    Once again, Wallis Stern “wets appetites” along with “Slippery fingers and other things”. Reading her poetry is as interesting as reading the brilliantly written *Comments* left by her voracious readers. The extremely high intellect of Ms. Stern’s audience should speak volumes to any potential Publisher. Personally speaking, I was enthralled with Ms. Stern’s works however, upon perusing *Comments* left by her Audience, I’m duly impressed by Ms. Stern’s talents along with being quite “taken” by her Audience! HooRay for ALL!!!

  • Anne says:

    Stern is brilliant! Her seductive, and sophisticated wordplay leaves the reader hungering for “a tall girl wearing a pair of stilettos”. The reader is eager to engage in that dream swim of sexy pleasure, to find that “soft wet harbor.” Stern is erotically playful, and cerebral. Keep pushing that river!