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The Love Childe Wallis Stern

01 Jun Posted by in Wallis Stern | 36 comments
The Love Childe Wallis Stern


I love, therefore I am. I awoke this day alone to a nameless longing so deep it took my breath away and drew tears.

It was a thought of you so close and animal strong like a scent in the open wind, like a bold rhythmic straddle,

like a swell, like a thicket, like the very first time,

like dense pine, like a dark scratch of bark to my knees,

like a sound of sirens, like living in wartime,

like now, like a kiss at long last so desperate hard and open

it defies the odds.

Here and there it comes again, the loud rustle and furtive play of you, the fluid bas-relief of light and shadow flexing. It’s the silk and ruddy brawn of you on top like a blanket, brazen, like a second skin.

What a sweep of wings, what an altar, what a morsel, what a cannibal night and day!

And again it comes, with a sibilant lash, scream, and swallow, with a ream of earth and iron and marrow, the ochre calipee up beneath the lower scoop of shell, the sudden naked face raw beneath the hood and again, an irradiant stalk.

Again and again and again, and it is what I want: to be read aloud by lovers on a soft makeshift podium, for the pages to stick together but yield to gentle pressure, to collect the last and finest drop, to open every wicked vein, to multiply our numbers who do not believe in sin, to own every plumb and disparate act of love, to sleep and wake with it deeply, to tap the full weight of it with my tongue, from collective corona to vascular core, out loud and the air rings with it,

and again and again and again, the imperative conjugal conjugate verb: Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, and Ergo, Ergo Sum!


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  • Kate Johnston says:

    Amo Ergo Sum is a thing of beauty – each line, wave upon glorious wave, swelling, beckoning, calling us to love’s shore.

  • Lea McEvoy says:

    physiological receptivity to a poem always makes it stunning… intensely beautiful.

  • Jiggsy Baron says:

    I have been an avid reader and publishing exec for many many years. Wallis is an extraordinarily insightful, provocative writer. Unique. I am grateful, in these days of dumbing down, that her literally voice ensures that intelligence still thrives. Frankly, I believe she is up there with the masters, her new book should be published immediately, and should be part of any good school’s curriculum. I am honored to be here, posting this.

  • Kim says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, powerful! Thank you

  • Susan Perez says:

    Dear Ms Wallis, Thank You for sharing with the world,
    Your beautifully written love poems, looking forward in reading all of them…thank you.

    Susan P.

  • Tina Wallace Magee says:

    This is so fine! It crashes over and through you and you are in the same place, chaotic, yearning, every nerve tingling, hooked and loving it. Enough words, I want to go back and experience Wallis Stern again.

  • Kristy Cato says:

    good luck with your writing.

  • Lucy Harrison says:

    All I can say is WOW! This is one of the most brilliant and stunning pieces of poetry I have read in a long LONG time! Breathtaking, erotic, highly visual, sensual, plays to all the senses and to the mind, heart and soul. BRAVO!!!!!

  • Renee Smith says:

    These words sing off of the page. Whenever I read a new work by you I am always surprised that it is a “new” work and not one that is routinely studied and analyzed and accepted into our canon of what is considered great works. Breathtaking.


    I Find at least, à new poet which Is capable to express “thé true love” with thé pure intensity and the sensibility of the authenticts writers which are not afraid to burn their wings in this difficult world.
    Ainsi, Je trouve enfin une véritable poète qui ose exprimer avec subtilité et sensibilité ce que les vrais amants pensent tout bas sans jamais oser se l’avouer. Je suis certaine alors que le talent de miss Stern trouvera une place prépondérante dans les ecrits d’aujourd’hui, car il est évident qu’elle est l’auteur que nous attendions toutes depuis si longtemps! Merci pour ce merveilleux texte.

  • Loredana Olivier says:

    I could read it again and again, and after a million times still enjoy it…That is what good poetry is!

  • Lovely and strong, yet tender and passionate…truly an incredible work.

  • Terri D. says:


  • clea poetnoise king says:

    This is an amazing rendering of exquisite language rich with sounds and imagery. Her scope of intensity is erotic, seductive and sensual. Wallis Stern’s literary voice is cutting edge and brilliant. Stern is a literary treasure who should be included in our canon. The beauty and genius of her work dazzles. Bravo!

  • Janice Trohn says:

    Wow! very powerful. Amo Ergo Sum touched my emotions and stimulated my senses! the insight made me stop and pause with aw as I had to absorb all of what my mind had just encountered!

  • Jayne Gordon says:

    Breathtaking poetry! I feel very fortunate to have discovered the works of Wallis Stern…a phenomenal woman. Best wishes.

  • dee says:

    Wow reading this poem was amazing, Wallis Stern writes and you experience her words, you feel it in your heart it’s like you are experiencing every word she writes, it hit all your senses and when you finish reading you want to read it again and experience it all over again.
    Wallis Stern should be published so everyone can experience and live and enjoy her writing , I’ve even let my daughter read some of her work and she was very taken by it and has kept some of her poems to read them over and over again.

  • Carrie C. says:

    Amo Ergo Sum is a brilliant piece. Honest and beautiful, it gets to the core of your heart fast and effortlessly. Well done, Wallis!

  • Clea King says:

    Wallis Stern’s literary voice is edgy and brilliant. Her poetic prose is an amazing rendering of exquisite language, rich with sounds and imagery, which should be included in our canon. The extraordinary beauty of her work is erotic, sensual and innovative. Stern’s literary and stylistic voice is a testament to her genius. Bravo!

  • Tracey says:

    WOW!This is a beautifully written poem that involves all our senses! Brilliantly written, I hope you go far with this!

  • Deborah says:

    Powerful and fills one with a yearning–to feel and live each line. Thank you for posting this!

  • Bleever says:

    Vastly woven spun gold! It is so very refreshing to read such art. Finally a work that flows like silk without a rhymn hum..a piece that speaks to the depths of hidden meanings, in plain sight. These works are not for the basic model of poetry but rather the tier to which writers should aspire to. Velvet ribbons gentle and strong carry you from the first to last word, never getting lost along the travel. This Artist is rare indeed and should not be lost in the pages of history but rather embraced as modern works, as well as, in the future, be considered amoung the classics.

  • Luz de Armas says:

    Amo Ergo Sum took me on a sensual literary journey. It reminded me of how deeply erotic love can be. Beautifully
    felt and composed! Reading it was like making love when I was younger and full of longing. You rocked it Wallis Stern!! Don’t lose that voice EVER. We all need to feel like this…

  • N says:

    Wow. Sex and love, sex and love. Holistic, right? As a philosopher, I’m tempted to comment on the irony of the juxtaposition of this deeply connective love and Descartes’ solipsistic model. But I won’t, but I suppose I did. Moving love, moving moving.

  • Lady Sharona says:

    AMO ERGO SUM will stir you deep in your shadow soul. Evocative and haunting, I find my mind returning to this beautiful poem over and over.

  • Annie Petrie says:

    Brilliant, evocative piece of work. Physically compelling. I would love to hear more from her.

  • Annie Petrie says:

    Brilliant , physically compelling piece of work. Would love to hear more.

  • Kat MacLean says:

    I just read Ms. Wallis Stern’s “THE LOVE CHILDE” AMO ERGO SUM

    My body temperature just went up over 200+ degrees!!! What a wonderful, talented Writer! I just discovered this Site and if Ms. Stern is any indication of the Talent you have here, it isn’t going to be my last visit.

    Ms. Stern shows a “wickedness with the pen” that I haven’t seen in quite a while. To say I’m impressed would be to put it mildly. She clearly shows a “Mastering” of the English language along with more than a “passing fancy” of Latin. Ergo, AMO ERGO SUM. Pun full well intended.

    This Site is a “FIND”! I am passing this onto several Friends whom shall more than enjoy this new “discovery”.

    I look forward to being able to take the time to read other writer’s for whom you are providing such a Forum. If Ms. Stern is any indication of the Talent you have here, my mind shall receive much needed nourishment!

    Ms. Stern, should you read this please know you have a New Fan! I can’t wait to see other works of yours!

    To those who started this Page, please know I THANK YOU!

  • Deborah says:

    Moving, powerful words Wallis. Flow is fierce at times then gentle. Really captures the emotional, erotic lives of women. Thankyou!

  • Shanna says:

    There is beautiful imagery and unique rhythm here. I really enjoy the sexiness and the intensity brought on by the repetition. Thanks for sharing

  • Wallis Stern says:

    WOW! I’m thrilled to find so many new friends enjoying the initial excerpt from the new book, THE LOVE CHILDE WALLIS STERN: A THINLY VEILED AUTOBIOGRAPHY! Your comments are truly…overwhelming and I extend my gratitude and unconditional love to you all! We’re hard at work on a new cutting-edge interactive multimedia website dedicated almost exclusively to THE LOVE CHILDE WALLIS STERN…but until then, should you wish to enjoy more selections, just ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE! Ask EPOCHALIPS, that is, and Our Formidably Fearless Leader, the very lovely ROBIN, in particular! We’ve already lined up several saucy literary treats for the discerning lesbian reader, and they’re ALL EPOCHALIPS “exclusives!”
    Please spread the word…and don’t forget to SIGN UP! Your MEMBERSHIP is important to us, certainly, but it will also keep you “in the know!” With so much excitement mounting please trust me when I say that you won’t want to miss a thing!
    Love, Laughter, and Light,
    Wallis Stern

  • Lucretia says:

    Always breath taking and what a blessing it is that she has this venue to share how incredibly delicious she is. Love the depth and how captivating she is in the spirit of her work. Thank You W. Stern

  • Evie Litwok says:

    This took my breath away. It was unexpected and thus more powerful. I wanted to keep reading, keep the magic going… Please give me more…

  • Deb says:

    You share your talent in the beauty and magic of your written words. To articulate the eroticism and feeling and flow so poignantly is a true gift. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Histoire d'O says:

    Wallis Stern; alis volat propriis!!

  • Boi Blue says:

    Ah, this is not my first encounter with Ms. Stern’s poem. It is my “second coming,” and yet it feels like all the wonder of the very first time.

    Riding the Sapphic waves of Ms. Stern’s tantalizing ebb and flow of sensual provocation, I find myself, swept away, once again, in her current, wanting to savour each penetrating word, yet eager to devour – in one gulp – the passionate positioning of her strong grasp.

    She leaves me in the ecstastic state of satiation and yearning – a gift few have the power to yield- and I know I will come – and mount this poem- again and again – to catalyze my mind, body and soul.