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Best of the Battle Axe

12 Apr Posted by in Ask a Battle-axe | Comments Off on Best of the Battle Axe
Best of the Battle Axe

In my 62 years I have learned many things and have some good old-fashioned common sense. Send your questions to

Dear Battleaxe,

My partner was recently diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and the medication her doctor prescribed to her is making her do kooky things. I’m somewhat mystified by her behavior.

Dear Mystified,

You don’t say what her behavior is, but I do know that some of those medications have side effects that cause some people to exhibit addictive behavior. I’d make sure you keep her and her leg away from the casinos, the bars, and the young gals.

Dear Battleaxe,

Why do a lot of lesbians use photos of their dogs on Facebook rather than their own? What’s with lesbians and their dogs? I don’t get it!

-Anti Pooch

Dear Anti Pooch,

I don’t get it either. I thought lesbians liked pussy…cats. BA

Dear Battleaxe,

Have you ever had this happen to you? You see someone, they look very familiar, you know you know them, but can’t remember where? All of a sudden it dawns on you…you actually had sex with them, triple gainers and all! —Dazed in Dallas

Dear Dazed,

Yes, and the question to ask yourself is, can I still do those triple gainers?

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