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Are Doughnuts the New Cupcake?

Are Doughnuts the New Cupcake?

I decided to take my knowledge and experience of life on a side route, a new venture called Tastin’ and a Tellin’. That’s right, it’s a Battle Axe culinary review of some of my favorite foods. First up, donuts! Donuts are an American staple and in some ways you shouldn’t mess with them. They have to be in their purist form. The reason I say that is because there are a lot of new places that are making crazy, wacky donuts. I’m sort of old school about certain things and donuts are one of them. Like margaritas, you cannot order a strawberry margarita in my presence, because its not a margarita! But wait, I’ll save that for another Tastin’ and a Tellin’.

For the last couple of years I have collected the names of various places that people say have the best donuts. Recently Bon Appetit featured the top 10 best donuts shops. A lot of the same names kept appearing, so I knew I needed to at least try some of them before I left this planet. The magazine statedEvery culture has fried dough—German Berliners, Italian zeppole, French beignets, and Indian balushahi’ but none can top the gut-busting pleasure of the American donut.  Here, here, I drink to that. I think the best part of having donuts is that you know they are so bad for you. AND you just can’t have just one.

I consider myself a donut aficionado and I’ve traveled to a lot of cities in search of the ultimate and the best. As I visited these various locations I always order three types of donuts that I feel give you a taste and an overall sense of whether they are good.   The first is the glaze—it has to be light and airy like you are biting into something that is scrumptious and delightful.  The second is a cake donut and it can be an old fashion, a chocolate or anything else that will give you a chance to taste the cakey aspect. Is it greasy? Is it moist? It should be moist and light.  And lastly I try the almighty apple fritter. Ideally it should be crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside with plenty of apples. And each place gets extra points if their donuts do not give me agida, (heartburn).

Check back soon and the Battle Axe will give us an in depth description of which places she’s visited, and which place has the very best donuts. You’ll find out what every Battle Axe needs to know about America’s favorite foods in ‘Tastin’ and a Tellin’

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  • Sheryl S says:

    Dear Gourmet Battleaxe,

    I would be very interested in your pursuit of the best moon pie in San Francisco. I believe they can be found at a small grocery store on Castro street.

    Very Curious

  • Sheryl S. says:

    Hey, Ms. Gourmet Battleaxe, I see that you haven’t responded to my request for where to find the best moon pie in SF. Could it be that you would rather no one knows your obsession?

    Waiting for a response,

    Even More Curious

  • Terry McClain says:

    Ms. BA, There’s only one kind of donut worth writing about – it’s got a maple glaze. Happy birthday.

  • […] explained how I judge my precious donuts (please review Battle Axe Tastin’ and a Tellin’ Part 1), I decided to include the following places based on what I read about them and what was recommended […]